Documents for work with Merchants API


General information

Merchants API by Ozon.Ru allows partners that work with trading platform (hereinafter – “merchants”) to automate synchronization of their products database with Ozon.Ru system and administrate orders from buyers. Merchants API is a REST architecture based web service.

Available trading platform resources

ResourceDescription Products administration. File bulk uploads administration. Information about jobs for processing. Getting XML files structures (XSD) for bulk upload of products. Excel and XML file templates for bulk upload of products . Orders administration.



Only users that sign contract with LLC “Internet Solutions” are granted access to the services. After contract signing the user is assigned an ID (ApplicationId) and a secret key (SecretKey). ApplicationId is used for user identification in the system and the secret key - for signature authentication. Before one can use Merchants API, the application should pass authorization. As a result of successful authorization you receive a special key – token. This token shall be used to address API in future. See how to get a token and use it to address API in the “Authorization and authentication” article


Versioning is used for better preparation for work with new versions of Merchants API. Several API versions may be accessible at a time; that is why it is necessary to indicate the number of the needed version in request header: X-ApiVersion: 0.1 Active version: 0.1

Reference data

Most of reference data are provided to Merchant API users through XSD files with product upload files structure. List of authorized product types for each merchant is discussed with managers of Trading platform on individual basis while negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract.

Push notification

Most of modification methods are asynchronous, that is why it is impossible to get their results in response. To control the results two methods can be used:

  • Job ID is returned in the response of asynchronous methods, and current processing status and error information can be requested for this ID.
  • Or, push notification method can be used, which allows to subscribe for job finish notifications. See article “Push notification technique”.

Supported encoding

UTF-8 is preferable.